CASE STUDY: How The Zyris Framework is a Competitive Advantage Over Other Custom Software Frameworks

Affordable Price Point and Low Cost of Developing Custom Software Applications

It goes without saying that the inception of most custom software applications come with the stigma that the project will be expensive, probably run over schedule, and be followed up by a lengthy maintenance schedule. All of which potentially add up to a requirement of having big investment dollars at the ready.

It’s true. The vast majority of many custom software project budgets are typically dedicated to structuring the codebase. This ‘platform engineering’ can tear through a custom software project budget as much as 30 to 45%. Since its inception, more than 1500 man hours have been invested in building and rounding out The Zyris Framework’s codebase to include not only many components that are typical to many unique custom software applications, but also advanced code coverage features that help make stable rapid logic authoring possible. The Zyris Framework made it possible for an unnamed automated vulnerability testing product to be developed and customer operational in less than 3 months with a budget of less than $50,000.

Rapid Logic Authoring with Multiple Output Formats

Each custom software development project is unique. It’s because of this that inherently creates unique nuances and complexities with each project that inhibit new application logic from being implemented cost efficiently. As well, very few proprietary and out-of-the-box frameworks allow for multiple output formats without duplicating development or adding additional bloat to the software codebase, let alone contain extensive development tools support, like code coverage.

Out of the gate, developers are able to add new functionality to their application in less than 10 lines of code with The Zyris Framework. As well, all of the application’s functionality can be accessible in a multitude of formats right away including Json, PHP serialized objects, html, csv, pdf, css, and javascript. The Zyris Framework can also dynamically generate code in css and javascript on the server side as well, which allows developers to build dynamic css or javascript files, which can then be customized to the user’s preference with minimal work. The Zyris Framework’s dynamic code generation feature also makes it possible to do dynamic branding without having to rebuild the whole site. This proprietary framework architecture not only opens a world of opportunities to translate evolving business goals through their software product at an alarmingly cost effective price point, but also maintain a light-weight infrastructure that allows the software application to operate, scale, and be maintained at peak efficiency throughout its lifespan.

Stable with 90% Code Coverage

Almost every software development project runs into stability issues. The experience level of the developers can determine how well the code is tested both during and after new functionality implementation. As new features and logic are implemented, the number of bugs that can plague a system can exponentially snowball which can grind development to a halt. Some software development companies would mitigate this risk by adding Quality Assurance (QA) staff along with maintenance support developers that clean up the codebase as the software continues to evolve and grow. This model can be cost prohibitive for many start-up and in some cases, small to medium sized businesses looking to develop a product that will bring their business into the digital era of doing business. It’s these and similar scenarios that typically drive businesses looking for software solutions to grab ‘customizable’ off-the-shelf solutions that come with their own inherent issues.

The Zyris Framework comes with a guaranteed 90% code coverage. This means that as new features are developed the product can maintain its stability without slowing down development cycles. Integrated automated testing and reporting features allow developers to rapidly author functionality and see the results of the added logic, as well as how it impacts the rest of the application. For instance, with The Zyris Framework, it takes about 15 seconds to add a new static html page and about 60 seconds to create a User Authenticated page.

Scalable Codebase with Native Amazon Web Services (AWS) Support

Can you say that your custom software product is scalable out of the box? The platform developed was an automated detection system for business. Within its first year of deployment, the product saw significant increases in its daily scan requests as a result of direct and affiliate business development efforts. For example, one of the leading reseller partners had closed a deal that increased the number of scan requests at the time—the assumption being that this new customer would add a few additional scan requests per day. However, beyond all expectations, this customer added a significant number scans per day into the system in a single night, and The Zyris Framework handled the 1349.39% increase without any perceptible impact to users. The Zyris Framework’s ability to handle constant and often variable load increases makes it the ideal custom software application framework for the rapidly growing startup.

Ongoing Feature Development

Zyris Software’s job with its proprietary framework isn’t complete there. As a part of it’s value proposition to it’s current base of customers, ongoing updates are made to not only ensure a solid and stable codebase, but to also created extended functionality to it’s already core set of cababilities. In addition, new features are being scoped and added to address the needs and goals of other businesses as well. These additional features can include either custom application features, development capabilities, or addtional third-party support such as:

  • Ongoing Google API support
  • New Automated testing and reporting capabilities
  • Developer and admin dashboard and reporting features
  • and much more.

With everything that we add, we carefully plan, scope, and structure so that we don’t compromise the already super lightweight framework that make our custom software fast, efficient, and scalable.

In short, The Zyris Framework has given this client a competitive edge over other custom frameworks. The Zyris Framework not only rapidly decreased the time and money it took to get up and running, it also came with a host of other benefits, such as: the ability to easily add additional functionality, dynamic code generation, 90% code coverage, and the insurance of peak efficiency and stability of the software application throughout its lifespan. The Zyris Framework helps businesses keep the costs and total production time of custom software development down, and offers streamlined but powerful support both during development and afterwards, making maintenance easy—by including The Zyris Framework, it has not only made the development process quick and easy, but business quick and easy as well.

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