SecuSolutions. A custom website for one of North America’s leading cyber security company

SecuSolutions offers premium cyber security products that helps companies detect, identify, and combat malicious cyber-attacks. The company uses their website to generate new sales leads and new product reseller partner leads. Zyris developed a custom template based website so that the SecuSolutions digital brand would follow current digital marketing industry best practices.

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A Simple Process Gets Simple Results


SecuSolutions requested a website and online brand strategy refresh. Their customers determined that the existing user experience was difficult to navigate and current website offered no up-to-date SEO strategy.


Zyris Software developed a wordpress based website with refreshed custom content coupled with an appropriate SEO strategy. The website also featured a new section for more prominent listing and searching for product partners and resellers.


The new website has shown increased traffic and searchability since launch.

Project Summary


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In the summer of 2013 our company faced significant challenges. We were in need of an immediate solution and time was not on our side. After being introduced to Zyris, they were quickly able to assist us in maintaining a critical software component that was crucial to our business. Since then, Zyris has helped us to streamline costs, improve efficiency and deliver to us an entirely new software platform of which is has become our core product in 2016. Outstanding service, impeccable punctuality and professionalism. I would highly recommend Zyris Software for your business.
Jim Kootnekoff, SecuSolutions Ltd.

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