Sequilux. A Wearable fashion Technology Prototype using the The Zyris Fashion Controller

Sequilux is a white lace fabric wearable technology dress that is integrated with the Zyris Fashion Controller capable of manipulating multiple complex devices. Complete with over 280 fully controllable RGB LED lights, this dress supports integration with wireless communication technologies such as WiFi and 3G while looking stylish on a warm summer evening.

Sequilux, wearable technology LED Light Dress by Zyris

A Simple Process Gets Simple Results


Zyris Software wanted to showcase the abilities of the Zyris Fashion Controller as a proof of concept into a real article of clothing. The goal of the project was to validate the Zyris Fashion Controller technology would be a good candidate as a wearable fashion technology product.


The Zyris Fashion Controller was integrated into an off-the-shelf white lace summer dress made by BCBGMAXAZRIA. Stephanie Krause, designer and artistic lead, used the concept of chasing light to design the Sequilux Dress. She integrated her light display concept into the dress while the Zyris team integrated the controller that powered and independently manipulated three distinct electronic components.


The Proof of concept was successfully developed. Next steps for the Zyris team is to test various devices on the system to get a full list of specifications. In addition, though the current prototype form factor is small enough to be hidden inside a small light summer dress, Zyris is working towards producing a form factor that is virtually untraceable.

Project Summary

  1. The dress featured 280 controllable RGB LED Lights. These LED’s were controlled by proximity sensors using the Zyris Fashion Controller.
  1. The integrated proximity sensors identify when and how close an object was within proximity of the dress. Once a proximity detection was made, The Zyris Fashion Controller would adjust the lit area of the LED lights.
  1. A proprietary Light Wire made available by lighting technology product startup, Di Technologies, integrated its single color Light Wire, around the front and neck of the dress. Di Technologies’ Light Wire product is similar in design to the static electroluminescent (EL) wire but requires less power while giving higher luminosity.


  • Arduino compatible proprietary Zyris Fashion Controller with 3 independent output channels and 3 sensor inputs
  • Support for up to 5 Amps of continuous current
  • 8000 MAh Lithium Polymer Battery with built-in Safety and Power management protocols
  • High Contrast controllable RGB LED Lights
  • Infrared (IR) based proximity sensor detection


For the entire duration of the project I was continually impressed with the Zyris team’s capabilities. Despite working on a highly aggressive timeline with leading edge technology, Zyris met every challenge with enthusiasm; providing guidance and solutions that exceeded all expectation. I would highly recommend Zyris to any businesses looking for a highly organized, proactive, and innovative solutions provider for any sized project; and look forward to working with them in the future.
Stephanie Krause, Designs by Stephanie