VozeNow Media. A web-based small business promotion and local entertainment discovery application

VozeNow Media was a startup company looking to develop a local entertainment event discovery application for consumers. The goal was to create a centralized web application software based hub that would allow business owners to promote and market local events using built-in marketing features.

VozeNow Media Web application software product by Zyris

A Simple Process Gets Simple Results


At the time of development, prior to the launch of Facebook Events, there were few websites that offered a one-stop location to identify local entertainment events. Yelp, a leading competitor was still fairly new and had low reach and accessibility in regional markets outside of the Silicon Valley area.


As a software consultant and team lead, Zyris’ founder Nabeel Khan, led development of a web-based marketing and advertising platform for local entertainment called VoseNow. The website was a self-serve platform that allowed businesses to upload and market local entertainment events though text and video advertising, coupon promotion, and VoseNow hosted microsite marketing.


Vozenow Media was able to achieve its number of target customers and user adoption as a result of their business strategy execution and successful product Minimum Viable Product (MVP) completion. Unfortunately, due to competing markets, the startup and its website product has since been shuttered.

Project Summary


  • Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP) Stack
  • Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX)

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