VIDEO TESTIMONIAL: From our Friends at MakeFashion

Our friends from MakeFashion sent is a link to one of their latest video testimonials! This made us so happy that we wanted to share it with you. Check out this video to see how Zyris helped MakeFashion, and how we can help you in the future!

MakeFashion was founded by a trio of innovative and creative Calgarians who sought to juxtapose the convergence of art and technology to the public through fashion. Since their development in June 2012, MakeFashion has produced over 60 wearable tech garments and showcased at over 40 international events. Through MakeFashion, fashion designers and artists are introduced to the exciting world of wearables through a variety of events, such as informative hands-on workshops, leadership symposiums, theatre and performance shows, and cocktail events. MakeFashion’s initiative has brought together designers, engineers, and makers who fuse high-tech and high-fashion on the runway, creating unique wearable statements that are both stylish and functional.

In addition to their other events, MakeFashion hosts an annual gala where they pair fashion designers with engineers who create new collections of innovative fashion technology that are showcased in a dazzling display of light, fashion, and performance. MakeFashion’s avant-garde and inventive work has also been showcased at other fashion and maker events around the world, including cutting-edge fashion capitals such as New York, Rome, and Shenzhen.

Thanks to Zyris Software, MakeFashion was able to execute the 2016 annual gala without a hitch! The Zyris team helped to make the gala a success by providing MakeFashion’s designers with advice and expertise in hardware and software both before and during the event. Additionally, Zyris Software helped MakeFashion develop business processes that made the event planning process more efficient while still leaving room for creativity.

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