About us. Get to know a little about Zyris Software.

Where We Came From

The Zyris Organization was Founded in 2011 by one guy with one big idea, and a passion to Innovate. Since our humble beginnings, we’ve had the pleasure of working with companies of all stages building everything from data and process management automation, display technology, digital hardware controllers, to tracking software. As a result of our success, The Zyris Software team has become specialized specifically in software innovation.

We started small, and have grown to understand the pressures that early-stage small businesses can face. Our philosophy is based on meeting you, our valued customer, where you are today so that we can help you on the journey to where you’re going tomorrow, just as we once did.

Technology Comes and Goes, Relationships are Long-lasting

At Zyris, our mantra is based on delivering quality at an affordable price. As we take pride in every line of code that we write, and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards in what we create, we’ve come to realize that it takes an appropriate amount of time to fully understand the breadth of tasks we undertake.

This time helps us build a relationship with you that’s focused on more than just monetary gain and technological advancements. At their core, the problems that we solve through technology and software, address human needs and wants. Unlike other software companies, we’ve developed and follow a proven process ensures both a stable and cost-efficient software product. Software with a purpose requires an iterative approach based on the needs of the business. Each new development cycle, helps us see how you, your team, and your customers harness the software that we create. It’s these interactions that help us understand how and when to apply the appropriate technology to address these needs.

Sometimes ‘Build it Now’ Saves You Thousands Later.

The decisions of which features to build versus how much to spend on a project should never be taken lightly. Keeping a proposed feature in scope can sometimes be the difference between $1,000 spent now or $10,000 spent later.

From experience, we’ve come to know that once a software feature is in use, and users input data, the longer-that we wait to add functionality that may impact gathered data and your users, the more complex it will be to build that functionality in the future. This increased complexity can have significant impacts on both upfront and long-term maintenance costs. As we’re systematic thinkers, and your return on investment matters to us, we promise to give you the best recommendations that will not only make each development cycle more efficient, but also be cost effective to you in both the short-term and the long-term.

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The key to launching your software development project starts with a conversation.

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Call Us: 1-888-67-ZYRIS

The Zyris Process

Our process was designed with the best interest of our customers in mind. We’ve fine-tuned and refined this process to ensure that we are able to deliver reliable high-quality software at an affordable price. In the beginning, we start with a consultation; this initial engagement enables us to identify how and if we are able to help you with your project. As we want to ensure that you will receive our 100% commitment, this engagement helps us identify what we will be accountable as well as identify the appropriate time for us to begin our software development process.

Once we begin and throughout the development cycle, we clearly document and follow these six steps to ensure we don’t miss a beat.

Step 1: Assessment

Before we can design or build anything, we must first identify the needs, wants, and goals of the project. We’ll outline everything that we will be accountable for and commit to it.

Step 2: Pre-Design

From your vision we’ll conceptualize how we are going to help you achieve your goal. If your goal is to fly through the air, the question we ask is, ‘Do we design a hovercraft, an airplane, a rocket, and why?’

Step 3: Design

High-quality products come from detailed blueprints. We’ll think of everything right down to the last byte before a single line of code is written.

Step 4: Development

We build it to the exact specifications documented in the design.

Step 5: Release

Launching is the most important step to validation. We prepare the system for its user debut then stay vigilant during the critical moments after launch.

Step 6: Upkeep

As data flows through the software it’s important to monitor, support, maintain, and update the existing structure. For long term projects we follow an iterative development process where we restart this process for the next iteration of the software.


Where We Are Going

At Zyris, we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Our goal is to enable new dreams and business ideas through technology. We are a passionate team of inventors and our life’s work is building technology. Our focus is the tangent of where software technology meets innovation and the results that we produce are the combination of the two.