Introducing The Zyris Framework. A Custom Software Framework for Custom Business Software Authoring

Developed, tested, and customer supported for over 10 years, the Zyris Framework, is a Linux based software framework that makes custom software development efficient, durable, and reliable.

Packed with Exclusive Features That make Custom Application Authoring Predictable, Effective, and Cost Efficient.

Secure, Modular, and Scaleable | The Zyris Framework

Secure, Modular, and Scaleable

The Zyris Framework isn’t just built to handle web based applications. Its unique methodology can help make your business software needs a reality by enabling the development of innovative software applications that can be accessed on any web enabled device including today’s demanding IoT devices. Its rapid development and integration capabilities make creating custom features and micro applications such as a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), Human Resource Management System (HRMS), or a Content Management System (CMS) cost effective. It features a minimum of 90% code coverage, through automated testing, reporting and thorough documentation, ensuring that the final code for your custom software solution is more stable and cost efficiently scalable out of the gate than any other custom software solution.

    • Secure codebase from vulnerabilites
    • New logic added in as few as 20 lines of code
    • Fully cloud-based, fully scaleable
    • Software that grows with your business
    Desktop, Mobile, and IoT Integration | The Zyris Framework

    Ready for Any Device

    Does your software solution require mobile or IoT capabilities? The Zyris Framework comes with native integration out of the box. Our direct interface support allows your application to communicate on Android and Apple iOS devices. It even recognizes the difference between desktop and mobile interaction to send the appropriate data and requests to the user.

    • Easy integration with native mobile application interfaces
    • IoT integration capable
    • Context Aware Response Type Capabilities
    stable, efficient, and secure custom software development process | The Zyris Framework

    Meticulously Thorough

    How can we verify that your code is stable earlier on in the custom software development process? The Zyris Framework comes built-in with fully-automated testing capabilities through continuous integration, Selenium (Front-end), backend, and user story tests.

    • User request logging for efficient bug pinpointing
    • Automated testing capabilities through continuous integration
    • Selenium testing
    • User story testing, tracking, and replay
    Developer friendly custom software authoring tool | The Zyris Framework

    Developer Friendly

    Our optimized codebase layout makes development more efficient by compartmentalizing developer specializations throughout the development cycle. The Zyris Framework also utilizes the powerful No Application Program Interface (NAPI) methodology for rapid development and extensible new feature integration.

    • Optimized codebase layout for compartmentalized teams
    • Works with any size team
    • No Application Program Interface (NAPI) methodology
    • Designed and built for rapid development
    custom software authoring loaded with exclusive features | The Zyris Framework

    Extensive Bundled Functionality

    The Zyris Framework comes loaded and packed with many pre-build features and integrated systems.

    Application Features

    • Built-in Application Administration
    • Extensive User Management
    • E-Mail Support
    • Extensive Customizable Event System
    • Dynamic PDF Generation
    • Automated User Tutorial System
    • Snapshot User Error and Feedback Reporting
    • Internal Messaging System
    • Google Maps and Out-of-the-box Geolocation API Support
    • Context Aware Response Type Capabilities

    Development Features

    • Minimum 90% Code Coverage
    • Built-in Error and Bug Tracing with Replay Capability
    • Automatically generated and searchable developer documentation (Javadoc Format)
    • Automated build statistics documentation and reporting
    • Automated code and Method-level Cyclomatic Complexity Calculation
    • Automated Checkstyle and PMD Statistics with Auto-calculation of code crappiness
    • Extensive Codebase Visualization
    • And Much, Much More…

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