CASE STUDY: Why Fit Metabolism Went Paperless and How They Increased Customer Engagement.

The Challenges with Fit Metabolism’s manual business processes

In 2015 Fit Metabolism, Calgary’s number one science backed weight loss management firm, identified that they needed a better way to engage and interact with their customers. At the time, their coaches would spend between 30 minutes to one hour with each member. During visits, the coach typically spent the first 10 to 15 minutes reviewing a specialized log book that members used to record their meal and exercise information. Fit Metabolism found that the amount of time spent analyzing the log book took away valuable time away from engaging with their members. Additionally, the coaches’ ability to identify historical patterns of their member’s behaviour was nearly impossible since there was no process in place to analyze log book information quickly or efficiently.

An Affordable Custom Paperless Office Software Solution

Zyris developed a custom web-based application for Fit Metabolism, built using The Zyris Framework to replace the paper-based log book. With this application, a member’s nutritional and exercise data could be analyzed at a glance by Fit Metabolism’s coaches through easy to understand charts and graphs. The system automatically calculated a member’s overall macronutrients based on the foods they prepared and the number of portions that they ate. This helped the coaches efficiently deduce strategies for the member that would change eating and exercising behaviours leading toward positive results. The software’s unique meal logging system increased the amount of time spent engaging and discussing strategies, recommendations, and plans between coaches and members.

Built-In Secure Private Messaging Between Customers and Coaches

Fit Metabolism was able to capitalize on The Zyris Framework’s built-in feature set and ongoing updates without incurring additional custom development costs. Specifically, The Zyris Framework not only enabled the efficient development of the custom features that members used to track their nutrition and exercise goals but also included pre-built secure messaging features that allowed coaches and members to communicate. This messaging feature was widely adopted by their members and was renowned as the best way to encourage them to achieve their goals.

Data Results of the Fit Metabolism Paperless Office Custom Software Solution

Interestingly, over a period of 400 days, more than 280 members logged a staggering 115,000 meals into the system. By design, the data collection, historical trending, and easy to understand reporting features for coaches, created two key expected effects. Both the level and quality of engagement between members and coaches had increased because of the automated paperless features of the software, members wasted less time waiting for their coach to reach conclusions during coaching sessions. The auto-generated reports enabled coaches to quickly identify trends and make conclusions with a few quick glances of the member’s report. Members were now able to spend more time discussing weight loss challenges and strategies with their coaches.

Looking across the same time period, more than 10,000 messages were sent by Fit Metabolism members to their coaches. A similar impact as with the automated meal and exercise recording, the built-in secured messaging increased engagement between coaches and members outside of scheduled coaching sessions.

The Conclusions of the Fit Metabolisms Paperless Office

Manual processes created by the use of a nutritional log book hindered the Fit Metabolism coaches’ ability to fully utilize coaching sessions with members. The custom paperless software solution was initially designed to decrease costs that were inherent with using the nutritional log book and better identify trends in member behaviour. With the affordable development of few custom automated analysis features enabled by The Zyris Framework’s scalable codebase, and pre-built features, Fit Metabolism was not only able to increase the level and frequency of customer engagements but also increase the quality of each consultation by creating more time for customer interaction. As a result, the custom paperless office software solution created for Fit Metabolism was a success as it helped them exceed their goals.

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