Platinum Ground Works. A Premium Mail Marketing Solution

Platinum Ground Works, Ltd. is a Calgary-based company serving Alberta’s grounds and paving maintenance needs with eco-friendly paved-surface cleaning and maintenance, line painting, and grounds maintenance services. Outfitted with high-quality materials and reliable equipment, Platinum’s team of trained professionals help their customers make a great first impression with immaculate grounds and parking lots, while protecting them from costly repairs through expertly executed asphalt maintenance.

Looking to help more clients, particularly in the construction sector, Platinum partnered with Zyris to design and implement a basic marketing plan that they could execute in-house without the overhead of a marketing team. Zyris worked with Platinum to understand their business and their growth goals, then provided them with premium print marketing assets, a modern website, and Zyris’ proprietary Mail Marketing Success Guide. Equipped with the tools necessary to plan and execute basic print-based marketing strategies without in-house marketing expertise, Platinum is able to grow their business without increasing their overhead.

The Platinum Ground Works marketing solution created by Zyris

A Simple Process Gets Simple Results


Platinum was looking to grow their business to serve more customers, generally and in the construction industry. Relying on referrals and an out-of-date website, Platinum needed a new marketing strategy, one that could be executed in house with minimal overhead.


Zyris worked closely with Platinum to understand their business and define their growth goals, then created premium general and targeted print marketing assets for Platinum to use in combination with Zyris’ proprietary Mail Marketing Success Guide. Zyris also redesigned Platinum’s website to work in concert with their new marketing strategy.


Outfitted with the tools required to execute on basic print-based marketing strategies and a modern website, Platinum is now able to plan and implement marketing campaigns in-house, grow their business, and help more clients without the overhead cost of an in-house marketing team.


The team at Zyris were great in recreating our website and creating new marketing materials for us to promote the business. Communication and execution were exceptional. They were a pleasure to work with and we will be using them in the future to help further the growth of our business.
Peter Poremsky, Platinum Ground Works

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