UppstArt.io is an online art marketplace that brings artists and art collectors together. UppstArt.io is a e-commerce site and relies on the ease of use for our artists to upload their works. The site is also designed to assist art collectors to choose their works in a comfortable and trusting environment without physically seeing the work. Looking to provide their customers with a fresher user experience and enable artists to list their artwork on Amazon and E-Bay they reached out to Zyris. Zyris worked in collaboration with the Calgary Innovation Coalition and Innovate Alberta to design and develop customizations to the UppstArt WordPress theme along with a range of other custom functionality to provide their artists with a platform that will serve for years to come.


We engaged Zyris Software to upgrade our eCommerce marketplace in the spring of 2019. They provided a very detailed plan including time-frames with hard dates for delivery throughout the project. We were pleased with the communication throughout and delighted that the time frames were met. Not only were we happy with the deliverables during the process but also the fact that the entire project was delivered ahead of schedule and on budget. Thank you team Zyris.
Brent Cheal, UppstArt
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