Zyris Fashion Controller. An electronic control device for wearable technology

Zyris Fashion Controller Wearable Technology Device

Firmware and IoT Software Project Summary

The Zyris Fashion Controller is a proprietary wearable fashion technology controller under development by the Zyris team. Currently the controller features available integration with many types of input and output devices such as independently controllable LED lights, proximity sensors, and wireless communication devices.

The Problem We Are Solving

In today’s world of wearable fashion technology, most designers are restricted by not only the limitations of the hardware controller itself but also the electric power capabilities. Zyris developed a proof of concept with a small form factor to fit into a small summer dress, but also enabled multiple independent control channels with up to 5 Amps of current. This allows fashion designers to integrate technology into their clothing with devices such as proximity sensors, Wifi, and even 3G enabled devices to be manipulated by one simple controller that is powered by a slim Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery.

The Technology We Innovated

The Zyris Fashion Controller is a combination of wearable hardware and software technology that is more than just a bunch of fancy lights or a heater. It is a proprietary Arduino compatible multichannel electronic hardware controller fitted with up to 5 Amps of continuous current.

Zyris designed and developed both the electronic wearable technology controller device, and the firmware supporting it. The wearable technology control device supports up to 3 independently controllable output channels and 3 sensor inputs. The Zyris Fashion controller is powered by a high-capacity Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Battery featuring a small form factor to fit comfortably into a light summer dress. This allows any fashion designer to integrate and control up to three complex systems simultaneously. 5 Amps makes it possible to control devices that were previously out of reach for fashion designers such as more powerful heaters, electromagnets, high-powered servo’s, proximity sensors, Bluetooth, Wifi, and even GSM and 3G Network devices.

An early version of the controller was integrated and displayed during Calgary’s Make Fashion Gala in 2016 with two couture high-tech high-fashion dress pieces by Kiki Beletskaia.

The latest version of the Zyris Fashion Controller, was integrated into a prototype fashion piece by Stephanie Krause called Sequilux. The prototype features support for higher continuous current, safety features, and more complex integrations, including wireless communication technology-enabled devices

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