What Zyris Did at CES 2017 & Top 3 Future Forward Fashion Picks

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 this year was full of amazing technological innovations. Not in the least of which included a future-forward fashion show hosted by FashionWare and sponsored by the Beauty Tech Summit at the Philips Stage titled, ‘Living in Digital Times Fashion Show’. This year, we didn’t just attend to check out the latest double sided TV’s, smart appliances, or the world’s most affordable hi-res headphones. The Zyris team, in partnership with MakeFashion, supported the models and designers backstage in one of the most high-tech fashion show in the heart of Las Vegas, USA.

Presented by Nick Verreos, twelve stunning models showed off high-tech fashion pieces that showcased the perfect marriage between technology, practicality, and unrivaled style. Here are our top three high-tech fashion apparel picks.

Top Tech Fashion Pick #3 Biometric beauty with the Pulse Dress

CES 2017 Pulse Dress | Zyris

Kicking off our top three high-tech fashion picks is a dress from Jazsalyn McNeil’s Bioluminescence Collection called the Pulse dress. Its perfect blend of elegance and high-tech sensors illuminates the dress based on the wearer’s heartbeat.

Top Tech Fashion Pick #2 Bicycle safety with the Livall Helmet and Lumenus Jacket combo

CES 2017 Livall Helmet and Lumenus Jacket | Zyris

Model Delano wore an abundance of technology-supported safety features with city cyclists in mind. The Livall helmet is the first to merge safety, lighting, music, and communication. The Lumenus jacket uses blue and red LED lights, linked to the smartphone’s GPS to light up for traffic. These two practical technology apparel pieces help solve an important problem with bike safety in cities.

Top Tech Fashion #1 High-tech high fashion with the Lumen Couture

CES 2017 Lumen Couture | Zyris

The Lumen Couture by Chelsea Klukas and Chris Corner, originally featured at the MakeFashion Gala 2014 fashion show, was a stunning hit. We loved the innovative use of a ‘hacked’ Pico projector. A micro projector in the hat projected patters onto the dress worn by model Charmaine. In addition, the model accessorized the piece with a clutch that carried a charger. It’s an ideal example of how to push the limits when blending both existing technology and fashion.

What’s next for high-tech fashion?

Although we’re not likely to see these clothes in Macy’s or Walmart anytime soon, each hand-made (or made with lasers) garment offer consumers a glimpse into what one might include in their closets of the future. High-tech Fashion shows like this one by FashionWare, and the upcoming MakeFashion Gala 2017 are beginning to attract the attention of fashion label brands around the world. Will advanced clothing save your life in the future? Or will you impress your friends with a couture light show? Whichever our future closets may hold, this is definitely in few steps in the right direction from days of Hypercolor clothing or ‘Chip and Pepper’ wear.